I Stood Up For Mask Mandates & Tik Tok Allowed An Open Death Threat Against Me

Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

When I decided to publicly speak about the importance of mask mandates inside the public school system; I knew I was taking a chance on my safety, but I never thought a social media platform would blantantly allow someone to make an open death threat against me and allow it to stay on their platform.

I have gained quite the following on Tik Tok by being very vocal on the seriousness of Covid in children, but in gaining a following I have also gained a lot of hate.

Tik Tok has done absolutely nothing to protect creaters fighting covid misinformation from the mountain of awful things that have come from right winged political people posting Covid misinformation.

Two days ago I woke up to a video by a woman named Laura Lea Halden, her username on Tik Tok is @lovelylauralea her video was nothing short of a death threat urging all of her followers to “shut me down” while holding a shovel in her hand and reminding everyone that she used to work in a grave yard.

Her video has gone from a sole 89 likes, to over 700 in a matter of minutes with no additional views or comments.

Her video has been reported well over a thousand times, with Tik Tok giving everyone the same automated message, “This video violates community guidelines and will be deleted” yet Tik Tok refuses to delete the video, and is now allowing bots to give this video a massive amount of likes.

Every person that has tried to post a video and bring attention to this blantant death threat inside the Tik Tok app has not only had their video taken down, but has also been banned from posting all while Ms. Laura Halden is free to continue posting on their platform with a video circulating around wishing death upon me.

I as well as hundreds of others have reached out to Tik Tok in every way they give possible with absolutely no communication recieved back.

I am now banned from doing anything on my acct for seven days for trying to get people to report this video to have it taken down, other people have recieved anywhere from twenty four hours to bans for three or more days.

I have never truly questioned the integrity of Tik Tok until this moment.

When a social media app does not take threats of death serious are they really an app that takes safety seriously?

I am not sure how this is acceptable, but I will keep speaking out about it until something is done.

I have reached out to Tik Toks legal department multiple times and received a very generic “your email is not applicable to this please use another reporting tool”

I am not sure how a death threat on someone’s life publicly posted to their platform is not a legal issue to be dealt with promptly.

If you would like to help in speaking out about this you can email Tik Tok at communitymanager@tiktok.com

You can also fill out their online reporting form at www.tiktok.com/legal/report/feedback

I am truly astounded at how Tik Tok has handled this and their complete lack of urgency in getting a video promoting the death of someone off of their platform.

I cannot help but wonder if they truly do not take Covid serious, and do not care about not only the lives of adults, but children at well.

Do better Tik Tok, I will continue to speak out about this…




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Stephanie Ulrich

Stephanie Ulrich

Writer. Mother. Activist. Special Needs Advocate.❤